Jacksonville Beach

In Jacksonville Beach, FL, the proximity of the ocean can be overwhelming.

Welcome To Jacksonville Beach

For those seeking to purchase real estate or live in Jacksonville Beach, FL, the proximity of the ocean can be overwhelming. It's practically right outside the door of every resident. If the property isn't beachfront, then it's just a short drive to experience the ocean, get sand in your hair and surf the waves. You'll probably be tempted to skip a day or two of work to enjoy the beach. Jacksonville Beach FL is a fantastic place to further a career, build a family and live life to the fullest while embracing an average high temperature of over 60 degree year round.

Real Estate

To buy in this community, homeowners should expect to pay between $100 and $200 dollars per square foot. Jacksonville Beach medium sales price is around $270,000. Now is the time to buy in Jacksonville FL as real estate is fa.


There is a variety of options for future homeowners wishing to buy in this community. Housing vary from in town apartments to large yards in the outskirts of the town.


Jacksonville Beach Fl has just 10 schools and one public school system. The most notable school outside the Duval County Public School district is the blind/deaf school.


With average unemployment rate, job finding is Jacksonville Beach FL is about the same as finding one throughout the state. There's a lot of business, big and small, in Jacksonville Beach FL with high number of positions in sales, transportation and administrative.

Activities and Parks

Future homeowners in Jacksonville Beach FL can expect to be spending a lot of time at the beach. Whether living in Jacksonville Beach, FL or just visiting, the hiking, sightseeing, and water sports are great fun for all. There's also seven parks, including a dog park in the small community of Jacksonville FL.

Events and Festivals

Most of the Jacksonville Beach FL's events and festivals are held right on the beach. They have an annual Fourth of July party with fireworks as well as


Culture comes in many forms in Jacksonville Beach, including a wide variety of eateries with international cuisine and an appreciation for the arts.

Buying in this community makes perfect sense if you are thinking about starting a family or just want a sound investment. Rent price are extremely high in Jacksonville Beach Fl and only four percent are pet friendly. Check out the latest listing for Jacksonville Beach Fl by searching for "Jacksonville Beach Fl houses for sale."

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