Ponte Vedra Beach

It may have been sighted by Juan Ponce de Leónduring his voyage to Florida in 1513.

Welcome To Ponte Vedra Beach

What is now North Florida was visited several times by European explorers in the 16th century, but there is little evidence for them coming to Ponte Vedra Beach specifically. It may have been sighted by Juan Ponce de Leónduring his voyage to Florida in 1513, but as his precise landfall is unknown, this claim may be made by many communities on the east coast of Florida.

The area remained sparsely populated through the late 19th century, even as other seaside communities began to develop to the north. In 1914 minerals were discovered, and a community known as Mineral City grew up around the mining operations there. Titanium (ilmenite) extraction was significant, as well as that of zircon and rutile. These minerals were recovered from beach sands by a private commercial firm called National Lead Company, directed by Henry Holland Buckman and George A. Pritchard. During World War I titanium was a component of poison gas, and therefore a strategic mineral.

After the war, mineral demand dropped, so the National Lead Company changed its focus to building a resort community. The name of the community was changed to Ponte Vedra, apparently after the city of Pontevedra, Galicia, (Spain). The actual reason is unknown, but there was a rumor that one of the developers read a newspaper article that erroneously claimed Christopher Columbus was born there.

Shopping and Dining

For those Ponte Vedra residents who need to pick up a few things, there is a bevy of available shopping venues available to scratch that commercial itch. Nearby Sawgrass Village, anchored by Publix, offers more than two dozen retail options from which to choose from while out shopping. For those who are feeling peckish while they are out and about, Sawgrass Village invites you to grab a bite to eat at either Aqua Grill, Caffe Andiamo, or Elizabeth's.

Recreation in Ponte Vedra, Florida

When one lives in close proximity to excellent beaches and year around good weather, the recreational opportunities really recommend themselves. Indeed, beach clubs comprise a ready outlet for entertainment in Ponte Vedra with multiple clubs lining the available beachfront. Other popular local activities include wakeboarding, golfing, surfing, tennis, and kayaking. Additionally, the PGA tapped the links at Sawgrass as the home to the Players Champion Cup since 1982.

Living in Ponte Vedra, Florida

This seaside community sandwiched approximately twenty miles south of Jacksonville and twenty-five miles north of St. Augustine is popular with residents and visitors alike. The Ponte Vedra real estate market is an attractive draw for those looking to buy in this community, and with a population of just fewer than 28,000 denizens, the town has room to grow. With seven constituted neighborhoods from which to select, there are numerous price points hopeful homebuyers can choose from when selecting a home. From the tony Palm Valley Landing area with a median housing price of $909,390, to a more affordable $201,000 median price tag that is available in the Marsh Landing area, there is a plethora of properties to fit into your budget.

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